Thursday, 22 January 2009



As part of my planning I asked forty people who I consider to be my audience I asked what they would like to see in there music magazine, the results are shown below.

Circle the answer which you choose:

1. What kind of music magazine do you prefer?

13-21 boys
13-21 girls
13-21 mixed

2. How much would you send on a magazine?


3. How often do you buy magazine?

Once a week
Twice a week
Once a month

4. What music magazine do you prefer?

Smash hits

5. Should I include a competition in my contents page for my audience to win?


6. What sex of model should I use?


7. What do you prefer?

Hip hop

8. What would convince you to buy a new music magazine?

Free tickets
Meet stars
First look at new music
Free cds
Free downloads
I tunes credit

9. What do you use to listen to music?

I pod
Cd player

10. What was the last music you brought?
kings of leon (sex is on fire)

11. What would you like to see?
Up and coming
New bands
Club scene
Music industry gossip

this is my questionnaire which i gave to people to help me understand what people wanted in it. i asked the average price, what they would like to see and if it was for men or women of both.

practise contents page

i also done this last year with the front cover curious. i took the front cover and made a smaller one to put in my contents like real magazines. i also used the colours to match with what my magazine was about (halloween). it also went with the colours of the levels in the background of the front cover.

Practise front cover

i created this image in october last year. This is my practise peace which you can tell is not very good compared to my final peace. However it help me understand photoshop and media studies.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Analysed magazine 1

Top of the Pops
if we look at thsi magazine we can see it is loud because of the colours.the title tells us straight away its a music magazine by having the word pops.there a bright colours pink,yellow,white,black, this shows us its not using loads of colour that would spoil the cover.they have cover some of the title with the models head, which could also mean that it is such a popular magazine that it doesnt really matter if they did. they have packed in the information about whtas going on in the magazine however not to packed that it spoils the front has shown the mains parts of the things people are wanting to buy the magazine. they have alos used a yellow bar across the top to highlight the important information.